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How Do I Know When My Core Trust Issue Has Healed?​

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      Teaching Your Inner Child Resilience & Trust When It’s Had No Example to Learn From

      Now that we move onto…

      Teaching Your Inner Child Resilience & Trust When It’s Had No Example to Learn From

      How do you do that?

      How do you achieve something that part of you has relied upon avoiding?

      Avoiding? Yes, it’s avoided trust in order to feel it can survive

      So how do you even begin to switch that?

      You begin with the inner child learning how to forgive resentment

      Which is the way for it to give up it’s loyalty to suffering…

      Whether it’s own suffering or taking on the suffering of who was your primary caretaker

      However, such a move means a shift of identity when your identity…

      Will have perhaps been shaped in how you can control your environment…

      Or a desire to control your environment in order to feel safe

      Part of the release process however, is to lose the control identity

      Which will mean shelving the energy of resentment – when the inner child’s…

      Only power – was in resentment or the denial of it

      So how does all this happen?

      How do you shelve this energy so that you can feel more confident with trust…

      And accepting love into your life?

      We’re going to do that by doing two things

      Firstly with this session’s exercise

      Writing to Heal the Heart Exercise 

      Which will help to release the tension in the heart centre

      Research shows, working on the inner world creates not only healing but resilience

      Followed by this session’s meditation which works specifically on the energy 

      Of what’s called the psoas muscle

      This is the muscle that connects the lumbar spine to the legs…

      And his known as the fight or flight muscle

      When you feel a sudden sense of fear, worry or loss – the psoas…

      Fires up to get you ready for fight or flight

      Adults with adverse childhood experiences are known…

      To have a wound up psoas muscle so that is the energy…

      We’ll focus on to release the energy of resentment and the loyalty to suffering

      So go ahead right now and do the exercise followed by the powerful meditation

      Inner Child Releasing Resentment Stored In the Psoas Muscle to Create Trust Meditation 

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