Inner Child Releasing Resentment Stored In the Psoas Muscle to Create Trust​

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      Inner Child Releasing Resentment Stored In the Psoas Muscle to Create Trust Meditation 

      Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, deep breath in slow breath out allowing your thoughts to roll around your head and disappear on the out breath allowing the body to relax and the mind to remain alert. On the next in breath, take your attention to the base chakra, breathing in through the base, up the internal tube and out through the crown, in through the base, up the internal tube and out through the crown. 

      On the next in breath take your attention to the sacral chakra, below the belly button breathing in through the sacral find yourself in the internal corridor. Going deep into this space you find the room marked – psoas muscle. As you open the door and go inside, there in front of you is a grey cave like pulsating mass that glows red surrounded in scaffolding. In your mind, climb on the scaffolding for a closer look. Just at that moment, feel the vibration of fear and worry enter the room. The boom of the sound, the rattling of the scaffolding, the energy of the pulsating grey cave like mass increase. The glowing red represents how much anger and resentment are stored in here, the grey pulsating mass represents your psoas muscle – the muscle connecting your lower body to your limbs, the part that gears up for fight or flight when worry or fear enters your system.

      Now in your mind see that the scaffolding has been put up around this area to hold it in place, how the wear and tear on it has put it in such an unstable position it is now surrounded in scaffolding. On this scaffolding is a platform – the platform leads to a door that goes inside this pulsating mass. In your mind – open the door and go inside.

      As you enter this space see or sense the red inside it – does it feel like a rupturing volcano, the red energy of anger and resentment spuewing everywhere or does it feel like a calm glow of red – a silently brewing anger. See or sense how it’s presented to you. 

      Somewhere in here is your resentful inner child who cannot trust because it’s either experienced massive disappointment or it’s circumstances mean it was never taught how to trust. 

      In your mind find the child in this space. Is it in rags or well presented? Is it tiny or more of a teenager? Allow yourself to see or sense how this energy is shown to you. Now ask the child to show you where in this space everything has got tangled up, tangled up because of too many confusing fight or flight signals, where now, because of it, the child is resentful and feels trapped in mistrust.

      In your mind see or sense the representation, is it a giant tangled mess, a big lump to remove, or something seemingly small and insignificant? As the child shows it to you – seeing or sensing it means it can now dissolve. In your mind watch or sense as this energy of a tangled mess in the psoas dissolves. As it does see or sense the energy of the child transforming, changing from a dark and resentful energy to a new lightness. As the energy changes see or sense the firey red calm to a soothing pink and as it does – feel the inner child feeling able to accept the idea of trust as a cool feeling of relaxation spreads as you leave this space and find your way back to the door.

      As you go through the door, the inner child coming with you as you leave the psoas – feel the inner child merge with you. As you leave the scaffolding is no longer necessary as it collapses away. In your mind feel your awareness return to the sacral chakra as a deep feeling of calm spreads through the body reentering your physical self – in your mind throwing roots out from the bottom of your feet planting deep into the earth, feel your awareness return to the body as you focus on your breathing and very gently bring your awareness back into the room and open your eyes.

Download a copy of the meditation here:

Resentment Meditation