Narc Recovery

Get Free of the Narcissistic Control and Win Your Life Back

Via Inner work using the power of the unconscious and meditation to achieve emotional neutrality (understanding that you don’t need to fix the difficult person to be happy).


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Narc Recovery

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Professionals Experiencing a Difficult Relationship 

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Your Boss is a Narc And You Can't Work Out How to Handle Them 

Feeling undermined, gaslighted and powerless to manage the relationship even though they’re being perfectly reasonable. Feel pre-occupied and unable to focus on anything else.

Goal, aspiration: To know if the relationship is worth saving and if it is, to save it and if it’s not, to be able to walk away with minimum repercussions. 

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Deciding on an Expensive Break-up / Divorce 

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You Are Married to a Narc And Want to Gain Your Life Back?


  • Arguments / don’t feel listened to

  • Scared of making a decision 

  • Can’t decide if love is still there

  • They’ve grown and their partner hasn’t

  • To make a decision that’s right by all  

Aspiration / Goal: Healing the scars of a difficult relationship 

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Coaches / Therapists with Narcissistic Relationships 

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One or Both of Your Parents are a Narc

  • They feel a fraud helping others when their own life is a mess

  • Can’t speak up in case they’re found out

  • Never feeling good enough so do destructive things to manage the stress

  • Life feels incongruent

Aspiration / Goal: To feel authentic and empowered 

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Healing the Scars of a Difficult Relationship 


Your Have Health Complaints Caused by Having a Narc in Your Life

  • Can’t trust nice people in case it’s a ruse

  • Won’t relax and let others in

  • Caught up in old shame feelings of being drawn into a bad relationship You want to feel well and healthy?

Aspiration / Goal: attract healthy relationships where they naturally trust

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Recent Stories of Transformation

Mary Dawson .
I was looking for a solution to a problem but I didn’t really know what the problem was.
Marina Duskov .
I am much less in fear, much more in my courageous heart. I am more accepting of my feelings, and definitely living by intuition."
Cecile Plouy .
I am deeply grateful for my life choice, my sensitivity to KNOW I had to engage for things to be different


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