Heal Your Life of Narcissistic Behaviour
 Solve Your Love Wounds Forever
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In-Depth Masterclass here:
You can't do it alone...
You can try, it will take you years of your life and a whole bunch of stress. ..
• You'll wonder if you're mad, sad, or plain stupid
• You'll pull yourself apart or choose not to think about it
How do I know? Been there.
• I spent years in the "If I don't think too much about it, it will all come good" frame of mind.

       If you really want to:

• Heal emotions long forgotten because it’s time to solve your love wounds
• Dissolve stored hurt
• Move on from self- doubt without feeling exposed
• Make healthy connections with decent people

       Imagine what your life looks like when you can:

• Step away from troubling relationships without feeling guilty
• Recognise immediately when it’s them and not you, great because you’ll stop taking things personally
• Feel centred in your decisions, great because a narcissist won’t be able to derail you

       If that resonates with you then this is what you’ll get:

• A powerful, fast acting short course to reveal and heal your main love wound so you can move on from attracting narcissistic behaviour
• This follows the FAR method for powerful results
• All in a private course only easy to use members area
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Proven Course from Heidi Sawyer...
Heal Your Life of Narcissistic Behaviour 
Solve Your Love Wounds Forever  
Part 1
You’ll discover what your specific love wound is that’s stored in your unconscious. You’ll really want to know this because it’s travelled through the generations and is currently determining the quality of all your relationships.

Video: Foundation: The Love Wound
Meditation: Healing the Chief Love Wound Meditation
Exercise: Map of the Family Wound

You Will Also Receive The Bonuses Below...
Bonus #1: Insult Extractor Experience  
Part 2
The ‘Insult Extractor Experience’ is where stored insults are extracted from your nervous system memory. You’ll want this because it gets to the core of emotional humiliation memory stored in your nervous system without you having to experience it.

Video: Acknowledgement: Extracting Insults from the Nervous System
Meditation: Insult Extractor Meditation Process 
Exercise: Insult Extractor Checklist

Bonus #2 : Love Wound Rebound Solver 
Part 3
You’ll discover how to squash your rebound temptations which is important because narcissistic behaviour is very attractive even though it’s painful. This is especially true when you are anxiety driven and they are avoidant. This works for them because they hook into your need for approval.

Video: Revelation: Resolving What Attracts You to a Narcissist
Meditation: Resolving Dancing on Egg Shells Meditation
Exercise: Avoidant v Anxious Evaluation

SUPER Bonus: Keys to Achieving Boundaries so You’re No Longer Impacted by an Ignoring or Engulfing Narcissist
Part 4
You’ll receive time released content important because you’ll never then become overwhelmed.

 You’ll also receive clear email reminders which allows you to stay on track
The Heal Your Life of Narcissistic Behaviour: How to Solve Your 
Love Wounds Forever comprehensive Deep-Dive Course follows the 
FAR system of implementation for powerful, systemised results
"HINGE Course" will help you...
become aware of what’s lurking in your background thus avoiding any unpleasant surprises.
Week 1
Video: 'Mastery of Your Personal Space’
Exercise: Accessing Unconscious Obligations
Meditation: Declutter Your Inner Life  
You will Learn:
  • Exactly what the internal panic is and how to resolve it
  • Why decluttering your bedroom will make you comfortably assertive AND improve your bank balance
  • How to resolve the energy that puts life on hold
It’s impossible to take a new step in life when your arms are busy carrying the burdens of the past. This module you’ll learn how to minimise your external obligations, declutter your life without the pain of shame and guilt, to help make this your best year yet.

Week 2
Video: 'Stress Master: When Your Body is Hooked on Stress'
Exercise: What are You ‘Immune’ To?
Meditation: Releasing Stored Drama in the Body 
You will Learn:
  • How to recognise when your body and not your mind, is addicted to stress
  • To recognise through energy symbolism what the body is trying to tell you
  • Emotional detachment without coldness
Knowing what’s been unconsciously pressing your panic buttons in life and solving them, is a key step to sustained self-mastery, deep inner connection, and trust.

Week 3
Video: 'Master of Destiny'
Exercise: Resolving Your Inner ‘Controlling Teenager’ to Unleash Faith in Your Destiny Path
Meditation: Revealing Your Destiny Path - Trust in the Unexpected

You will Learn:
  • How to make a mark on your destiny
  • Why accepting what life throws is the way to take charge
  • Why you’ll need to accept change and how to trust the unexpected
You’ll feel comfortable moving forward with confidence, knowing, and feeling more able to access what you want from life.
 This will work even if...
  • You feel too bruised to tackle it
  • Even if in the past you’ve failed to recognise a raging narcissist and have fallen under their spell
  • You don’t want to know any ugly truths
  • You’ve gone back to a narcissist and can’t leave them behind
  • You worry you’re too much of a beginner and haven’t done anything like this before
  • You think it will take too long and you’re too busy to heal
  • You’re uncertain you have a love wound
What's My Investment? 
So how much is living a happy, more confident and fulfilled life worth to you? Can you even put a price tag on that? The investment is in yourself. How many hours and hundreds or even thousands of pounds with a therapist would it take? How many years searching for the answers on your own? 


you could take the route with us where we’ve done the work for you and we give you the proven plan (and supportive community) which has worked for thousands.
Take A Full 30 days To Put Me To The Test With My Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee
If The Narc Recovery Programme

1.  doesn't show me exactly how to skip past the hard mistakes and obstacles of repeating patterns and go right to the new standard, MY standard... 

2. if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step to no longer feel side-lined... 

3. or if it fails to help me build success without compromise

 then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!!

As you can see all the risk is squarely on my shoulders, so....
Here's How To Order Right Now
Recovery & Discovery - 
Life After Narcissistic Damage
Go ahead and click on one of the two blue 'Add to Cart' buttons below now and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more.

Let's get started right now:

1. Self-Help Course 
Reveal and heal your main love wound so 
you can move on from attracting narcissistic behaviour
NARCISSISTIC Recovery & Discovery Program
4 Powerful Modules
  • 16 LIFE CHANGING VIDEOS to help you discover what your specific love wound is that’s stored in your unconscious. 
  • 4 JOURNAL EXERCISES to achieving boundaries so you’re no longer impacted by an ignoring or engulfing narcissist
  • 3 PROVEN MEDITATIONS to release emotional humiliation memory stored in your nervous system without you having to experience it
2. Heidi Unlimited
Escape from the clutches of your personal narc experience and transform the past difficulty into a golden future
eSCAPE THE NARC and transform WITH support from heidi
12 Weeks of dedicated time and attention from Heidi, specifically focused on guiding you through your seemingly impossible challenge
  • Heidi works from the basis what causes you pain now, is rooted in the past, your time with Heidi will find the root cause and help you release that inner pressure
  • WARNING: The Narc Recovery Heidi Unlimited is suited to you only if you are willing to explore past relationships including the parental dynamics you experienced in early childhood. If you are not willing to answer questions or explore areas relating to your early experiences (doesn't matter if you can’t remember full details) then please do not apply
Heidi has only 11 client opportunities available every 12 weeks. Heidi is currently oversubscribed, however the next Cycle is never that far away. Pay now to guarantee your place and work through the Narc Recovery Course in readiness.
If you are wondering if Heidi can help you, the simple answer is yes. She has helped many many clients overcome all kinds of seemingly impossible challenges
 Have questions? Email: support@HeidiSawyer.com 
With love
Heidi Sawyer

P.S. - The longer you put off Healing Your Love Wounds is another moment you let your life time opportunities walk on by because you don't feel worthy of accepting them

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What our clients say

"Heidi Sawyer goes beyond the understanding"

"I've never come across anybody who can do that"

"they just think, bit of a freak, why are you asking that"

"I am less in need to know what's next, found my optimistic smiling self again"

I have less obstacles in my life, and when I have them I am able to shift it more easily or understand what's up, what I can learn and move on.

I am finally coming down to the nitty gritty of my own issues not everyone else's. I really am starting to have the bird's-eye view of every major event in my life. And I am less in need to know what's next. I am even finding my optimistic smiling self again. People also react to it. 

When I left my old department I received very deep felt messages of my colleagues of how they would miss my presence and how much I have been appreciated. Something I have never ever heard before in my life... I cried buckets about this reflexion of how I am perceived! 

And I find that now people and even strangers look at me, sometimes do a double take. I have come to realize that what they see is my light. I am not under a pile of clutter anymore! 

Veronique V-M. Netherlands

"Heidi provided a body, mind and soul approach and one that went deeper than I have ever gone before"

I was burned out and run down after an extremely stressful couple of years. After l joined I almost immediately I faced a major life challenge when my health collapsed and I ended up in hospital. I had many tests for various serious conditions though thankfully all the results were normal. I have slowly recovered and am now only experiencing fatigue as all the other symptoms have resolved.

I see all these challenges as an opportunity for personal growth and I have been pushed up against the fear of death or disability as the doctors checked out heart and brain conditions though somehow through it all I felt it was all happening for a reason and whatever the outcome all would be well.

Heidi's Club has been the major support for me and whilst main stream medicine checked out my body, Heidi provided a body, mind and soul approach and one that went deeper than I have ever gone before. I have had the opportunity to re-evaluate and regroup and as I step back into my life it will be interesting how my new and deeper understandings will manifest. In the meantime I have learnt not to be so tough on myself!

Christine N. UK

"I feel calmer & every area of my life has been improved"

The main challenges I was experiencing in my life were lack of boundaries, co-dependence and not feeling good enough. Always accepting unacceptable behavior and honestly believing that was all I was worth 
They are still there but not to the same degree they once were. I now notice when I find myself slipping back into past behaviors and sometimes I am able to change how I react.

I am finally starting to understand that I am worth putting time and effort into, instead of worrying about everyone else and their needs. Sometimes I amaze myself and am actually able to say NO.

I am starting to feel there are more steps forward than back and I no-longer feel like I am running around in circles - like I have done for most of my life. This alone has made me forever grateful to everyone connected to Heidi's Club. 

I am also starting to feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train trying to run me over.

Gail I. Australia

"I don't think I have ever felt the degree of safety of being myself, in my life, as I do now."

Last year this time I was unwell with lymes (an autoimmune dis-ease), I was literally in the dark and lost, self-isolating just to survive. Full of inner criticism, mistrust and self-doubt. I had no sense of myself, as an individual, except to please others, as well as an immense fear of abandonment.

By taking ownership of being an Intuitive-Sensitive, I am seeing all of those challenges in varied degrees of gifts now. 

The fears and self-loathing have transformed into more love and care to myself first and then to others. I no longer feel victimized by my circumstances and experiences. There has been a rebirth of my creativity and imagined possibilities for me. I am a member of many clubs now and I am socially and physically active once more.

I have released 30 lbs and feel younger and more alive as my authentic self. The monthly surveys, videos, meditations, etc. have led me towards living a move intuitively driven life.  

A new lease on life with a tool belt of re-purposing my skills and experiences intuitively.

Janet L. USA

"Heidi helped me ignite the spark within me to want to live fully and purposefully, and gave me the life line"

She also reinforces my understanding that my life path and purpose has nothing to do with finding the "right" job, work or career. Whether I continue to work as a freelance sweets artisan or not, it does not define who I am nor determine my worth. 

Her transmutative and transformative monthly sessions allows me to learn, un-learn, re-learn and practice again, and again, and again how to feel my emotions in its entirety so that it has a chance to be released completely.  

Nancy G. Singapore 

"I feel better able to handle my sensitivity and use it to my advantage"

Before I became a member, I felt very isolated and alone due to my sensitivity. I felt as if I was flawed and there was something wrong with me. Only when I started listening to Heidi's lectures and webinars, did I understand how I became a sensitive and how it has impacted my life. 

I have always had a low grade anxiety playing in the background, but that has significantly subsided, since I've been in this programme. 

I feel better able to handle my sensitivity and use it to my advantage, in fact I am more intuitive now then ever before.

Brigitte M. UK

"I have the tools to heal and transform my life and move forward"

I was experiencing challenges with my health, family relationships, my business and my finances and I lacked clarity and focus.

My health has improved and I am no longer affected by family dramas. I am focusing more on my business, and my finances are beginning to improve. I have more clarity and things no longer affect me in the same way.

I am able to feel things more deeply and I have a greater understanding about how issues in our own past and that of our ancestors can still create problems in our present day life. But now I have the tools to heal and transform my life and move forward

Debbie F. UK

"I feel calmer & every area of my life has been improved"

Trust in my intuition has increased, so decision making is easier. 

Inside, I feel calmer and every area of my life has been improved; my relationship with my husband, having our new home, new business collaboration opportunities that are fun and support my growth.

Marina D. UK

"Now everything seems possible, happily enjoy and experience any rolllercoaster presented to me"

I was experiencing confusion about direction and purpose in most areas of my life, almost zombie like, numb and frustrated.

Now everything seems possible, happily enjoy and experience any rolllercoaster presented to me and excited about the future and what might lay ahead.

I feel I have more understanding of what is happening to me and those around me. Less feeling attached to outcome and more focused in here and now. Feeling less overwhelm as not so focused on whats ahead as all seems more manageable now. Focused not worried about outcome, knowing and control. 

NOTE: Love now using the word "feel" and understand it, numb no more!

Sandra S. Ireland

"I am not so bothered with what others might think of me."

After doing some other courses and now working through with Heidi's club, I have changed without "noticing". I do not feel insecure in this low-self-esteem way anymore. 

I find myself a bit like NIKE...just do it. I am not so bothered with what others might think of me

I feel I have become closer to just being myself and have started to live life amongst the rest of the world. It is really nice by the way! ;-) Fun! 

I have spent so many years feeling scared of people and "Life". I also find it much easier to see things clearer. It is not so muddy anymore - I manage to sort out my feelings faster and they do not seem so confusing anymore. I like myself! It is clearer. I also feel faster how other people are - it has become easier to manage other people around me, especially those who want to eat you for breakfast.

Vibeke H. Norway
Frequenty Asked Questions
1. I’ve seen other courses on healing from narcissists for triple the cost, is this a very “light version”?
Other courses in the same subject area are dense with content and difficult to follow. This course is comprehensive, with a high level of content but is easy to do because we deliver in a time released fashion. The course gets results because of the powerful meditation processes. This course is our foundational level of self-awareness (a necessary part of your development as a sensitive) therefore we offer it at as low a price as possible.  >> Back to FAQ
2. What if I’ve never done any meditations before?
The meditations are suitable even if you’ve never done meditation before. Most people have a concentration span of no more than between twelve and fifteen minutes. All the meditations are in line with this timing and start with a process to calm a busy mind.  >> Back to FAQ
3. Are the exercises easy to do and will they really help me?
The exercises are very easy to follow and will give you an instant experience of more depth. >> Back to FAQ

4. I’m not very good on computers, is it easy to understand and get the content?
The course is presented in a members area specifically designed to be very easy to use. In addition, we have a support team who are kind, friendly, sensitive and understand. No questions are stupid questions, so if you need help with anything, please ask. >> Back to FAQ

5. My internet connection isn’t strong. Do I have to be online when I view the content?
No. You can download the files to your computer and then view them offline whenever it suits you. >> Back to FAQ

6. Can I return to the content once the course is finished?
Yes you can return to all content at any time, we encourage you to revisit / re-experience material. >> Back to FAQ

7. What if I want to go faster than the weekly release of content?
Our courses are time released for maximum results because your mind needs time to digest between content pieces. Our content is always delivered in a precise order so it is both powerful and strongly considers your emotional well-being. Once you have done the course once, you can then revisit in any order. If you want material in it’s entirety now because you want to pick and choose what you do, this course is not suitable for you. >> Back to FAQ 

8. How many hours do I need to invest to get results?
Approximately 60 to 90 minutes a week for three weeks. Each video is broken down into small parts so the hour to 1.5 hours doesn’t need to be all at once. >> Back to FAQ

9. Is this a beginner’s course?
All our courses are powerful content expressed through video, audio and written (self- reporting, nothing has to be shared) when exercises are present. This is to maximise your learning style even if you’re nervous. This course is suitable for a beginner if you are willing to develop a new level of self-awareness and want to give it a go. We have a very efficient support system and do our best to help you at any time. It is unsuitable for you as a beginner if you are VERY frightened of self- awareness. A little bit frightened is fine. >> Back to FAQ

10. I’m still in contact with a narcissist, will they be able to view my course or will I have a password?
You get your own unique password which no one else knows, you can change it as often as you like. >> Back to FAQ

11. Can I download the content to my computer so I can watch it off-line?
Yes all files are downloadable >> Back to FAQ

12. What’s the return policy?
30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t love it, tell us, we refund no questions asked. >> Back to FAQ

13. Can I pay by PayPal?
Yes. The links are on the page or please contact support@heidisawyer.com if you need assistance or if you'd like us to raise an invoice so you can claim the investment against your business as a training expense. >> Back to FAQ

You simply login to your private, safe and secure Home Page and then find the "Access Now" button of your new course.
We are so proud of our new 'home' and we have received such positive feedback from our existing clients.  

Here's one of the emails we received very recently from a self-confessed "technophobe":

"Mega clear text with beautiful graphics and so good the way one thing leads on to another swiftly and easily.  

Someone is highly intuitive and sensitive regarding the colours and designs they are really good.

Thanks for making everything so clear, easy and attractive.
All the best
We are sure you will also love learning in this clear 'head-space'. 

See you on the inside.

With love

Heidi x
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