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Recent Articles


How to Recognise A Narcissistic Wound 

Do you panic if you can’t do things perfectly, feel your needs are rarely met or even noticed? Do you fall apart with worry if someone doesn’t immediately like you and you have no idea who you really are or what you want? If this is you, it’s likely you have a narcissistic wound that’s ripe for healing. 


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‘Spotting a Narcissist’ – the 5 Ways

How to go about spotting a narcissist? If you have ever felt something was wrong but you can’t quite put your finger on it, you may have been around a narcissist. They are people who are damaged and don't want to admit it. Instead, they want you to think you are the damaged one and no one will want you...


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5 Ways you can spot a Covert Narcissist Hiding In Your Life

Covert narcissists are harder to spot in your life than overt, simply because they’re really not nearly as obvious. They’re very hard to spot if you are most used to overt narcissists. Overt narcissists are obvious attention-seeking nightmares; covert narcissists are seemingly the opposite...

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